KHDB Management Systems Testimonials

Listed below are some of the unsolicited testimonials received from our clients. We trust that these testimonials will help to assure you that it is our aim to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Fenland Doors have had their fingers burnt with bespoke software.

Then along came Keith Hubert and Alpha Five, what a breath of fresh air.

Keith has provided us with the single most powerful tool we have to manage sales from point of contact through to final installation and warranty tracking.

It will do everything. Logging time for a job, chances of getting that job, quote with and without V.A.T., length of warranties, E-Mail quotes, order confirmations and invoices straight from the screen and it even prints the labels to go onto the envelopes.

All you need to say is “wouldn’t it be nice if we could” and suddenly you can, what more could you ask for, and at a price that over a network of 6 workstations leaves Microsoft in the dust.

Don’t mess about if you need a database, this is the way to go and this is the gentleman to go to.

Ray Arnold

Fenland Garage Doors Ltd.

FSH Maintenance are very pleased to have discovered Keith Hubert and Alpha 5 database.

He took his time to understand our business and our procedures to enable him to design and make our new database suit our business needs.

He was able to offer sound technical and financial advice to make our database suit our budget and latter was able to bolt on the extras when our finances allowed.

Keith is enthusiastic and dedicated to help produce the database for your situation.

He worked tirelessly to achieve our objectives and to design our bespoke reports and when our database was ready to use,he communicated with our IT engineer and remotely installed the database with no problems.

Keith's after care is excellent and speedy. He made adjustments and amendments that we required quickly and efficiently.

FSH database is a great success and Keith remains involved in further developments and minor improvements to our system as and whenever we require his services.

Over the last year, Keith and myself have become good friends through working closely together.

Keith is a genuine gentleman, trust worthy, honest, caring and reliable and I can recommend Keith and Alpha 5 to you, his potential customers.

Ian Wood
FSH Maintainance Ltd.

Your consultations proved very useful in allowing us the define our exact requirements. In consequence we now have a fully functional database which more than exceeds our preliminary requirements - supplied at a very reasonable cost.

Many thanks

Ian Edwards

Milestone Marketing needed a new Database to set up an Africa Marketing Travel business. Keith Hubert introduced me to Alpha and helped train me to build my own database. I am now able to run my
business from the start with an efficient database which is adaptable and dynamic.

I would recommend to anyone setting up a new business to invest in this software and training at the beginning to save wasted time and labour at a later date.

Simon Wilson Stephens

Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board has engaged Keith's services to allow them to make better use of Alpha 5 (Version 5 and Version 6) in support of our functions.

The principal use that Alpha 5 has been put to is to hold valuations for the majority of the 9,500 properties that we value for Non-Domestic Rates (Local Taxation). Keith has been able to advise us how to make better use of the powerful features in Alpha 5 as in arrives "out of the box".

We now also use Alpha 5 to "cleanse" data that we receive from Registers of Scotland (who record property transactions such as house sales) prior to adding the data to our Progress RDBMS. Keith's experience showed us a number of useful ways to automate the process and build-in security and audit functions.

Keith also provided us with training for the users in the organisation who will develop and maintain our Alpha Databases in the future. This has already borne fruit with the creation of an application that the general public can read when visiting our office to view the Electoral Register. The Representation of the People Legislation plus Human Rights and Data Protection mean that the ways of searching and displaying this data have to be strictly controlled. Alpha5 has allowed us to do this with minimal effort.

We look forward to working with Keith in the future - hopefully to create some web applications.

Alasdair MacTaggart

Keith is a very capable, responsive and aimiable provider of Alpha Five support services. He has a deep and wide knowledge of the products and the experience to deploy his services in a wide range of situations. We were very satisfied on all fronts and will use his services when the need next arises.

Ian Maddison

We would like to thank Keith Hubert for his professional acumen providing us with a database, that allows Granary Child care to :

  • Have forms for fast and accurate data entry.
  • Provide countless reports that allow us to function with clarity.
  • Provide invoices that customers appreciate and understand.
  • Take Direct Debit payments
  • Know on a daily basis what fees are outstanding.
  • Email reports to schools & Email invoices to clients.

Without this Database designed by Keith, using Alpha software, we would certainly be struggling to manage ourbusiness on a daily basis.

We are now in a position to expand our business.

I would certainly recommend to any business Mr Keith Hubert’s professional approach to problem solving and providing a solution to allow you to manage how your company processes information, so that you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Ralph Jean-Jacques
GKBASC A/c Manager